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50 years of experience in drying agricultural produce

Our parent company Agratechniek (www.agratechniek.com) has 50 years of experience in drying agricultural produce and is active all around the world. With specialization in drying flower bulbs, seeds, garlic and onion amongst others.

Since 10 years we have a subsidiary company, cannabis-drying.com, which provides specialized drying equipment for medicinal and recreative cannabis (www.cannabis-drying.com). This combined experience has thought us to think along with our clients and deliver drying solutions best suited for their case. 


We apply this knowledge with Hemp-Drying.com for energy-efficient, targeted and controlled drying- and retting solutions to provide hemp source material of premium quality that is guided to the specifications desired by the markets you want to serve.

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We at Hemp-Drying.com are proud to offer carefully designed installations crafted to suit our clients’ preferences.


Expertise in Hemp Processing

With over 50 years of experience we are specialized in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge drying and retting installations. 


Innovative Technology

We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology in the hemp industry.


Customized Solutions

We understand that every hemp operation is unique. That’s why we offer customizable solutions to meet your specific requirements.


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Meet Our Team

We are a passionate and diverse group of professionals dedicated to making your installations exceptional.

Jan Appelman

Managing Director

Jan Appelman

As a young man he took over his father’s business, Agratechniek B.V., that was built together with Lou Nieuwenhuizen. Starting with supplying drying installations to the local flower bulb breeders and potato and onion farmers, Jan’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive expanded the business to six continents and several new markets.

Because of the undeniable knowledge and accompanying experience he brings, we are an established name in the seed drying-, bulb drying-, and other drying markets. At the same time he likes to provide opportunities to young talent exploring new markets like cannabis-drying.com and hemp-drying.com. His philanthropy is expressed by sponsoring local sports teams and supporting charities he wants to help.

Tom Pankras

Brandmanager Hemp-Drying.com

Tom Pankras

An interest in cannabis turned to fascination of the possibilities of the plant and grew to a passion to empower the durable possibilities of industrial hemp. Since the age of 18 this led to a path of exploring and learning about the hemp plant, alongside studies in applied business and marketing and outlets in music and sport. All with the goal to apply the combined knowledge in the industrial hemp market.

His business in Hemp-Drying.com brings this together, utilizing the knowledge of business and hemp to build a company which designs and supplies installations to transform fresh hemp efficiently into a qualitative and durable source material.

Nick Abbingh

Brandmanager Cannabis-Drying.com

Nick Abbingh

After his dedication to fun during his Psychology studies in Amsterdam, he knew this would not be his occupation of choice. His interest was much greater in the new emerging market for Agratechniek called Cannabis-Drying.com. This brought the needed motivation to finish his studies and take a deep dive in the cannabis market. This motivation has never left, even though the boring years of covid made office life dreadful.

With a combination of intelligence, wit and fun he designs and supplies innovative turnkey installations for EU GMP medicinal cannabis drying and recreational cannabis drying.

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