Drying and Retting Installations

Our goal is to provide drying and retting installations for industrial hemp which allow for maximum control and quality in order to harness the value of your crop, whilst keeping energy- and time investment at a minimum.

50 Years Experience

Our company stands as a pioneer in the agricultural business

50 Years Experience

Our unparalleled 50 years of experience have empowered us with deep insights, refined techniques, and a proven track record of excellence

Energy Efficient

We are dedicated to sustainability and responsible resource utilization

Energy Efficient

Our Hemp Drying installations are engineered with cutting edge energy efficient technologies, reducing your carbon footprint while maximizing drying efficiency

Best Drying Conditions

Precision is the hallmark of our Hemp-Drying installations

Best Drying Conditions

We understand that the quality of your hemp crop is paramount, and that begins with the drying process. Our installations provide the ideal drying conditions tailored to preserve the potency, flavor and aroma of your hemp products

Optimal Harvest Value

When it comes to hemp cultivations, timing is everything

Optimal Harvest Value

Our Hemp Drying installations play a pivotal role in unlocking the optimal harvest value of your crop. By efficiently drying your hemp, we help you minimize losses due to mold, mildew, or degradation while maximizing cannabinoid retention

The Industrial Hemp Plant

The industrial hemp plant is a versatile marvel, with three distinct parts each serving a unique purpose.

Years of experience




Hemp Stalk Retting

Effortlessly enhance your hemp stalk processing with our controlled retting solutions.

Hemp FLower Drying

Experience superior hemp flower drying techniques that enhance aroma, flavor, and cannabinoid retention.

Hemp Seed Drying

Unlock the potential of your hemp seeds with our specialized drying expertise.

Drying Equipment

We at Hemp-Drying.com are proud to offer carefully designed systems crafted to suit our clients’ preferences while prioritizing sustainability.

Box Installation

These units provide precise control over temperature and humidity, ensuring consistent and efficient drying. They are compact, cost-effective, and perfect for those looking for a reliable solutions in limited space.

Container Installation

These modular units can be tailored to meet your specific drying needs, providing substantial capacity and maintaining optimal environmental conditions for drying.

ABC Software

With user-friendly interfaces and intelligent automation, you’ll gain real-time insights and maximize drying efficiency effortlessly. it’s the ultimate tool for efficient drying control.

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Working Process

Our hemp drying process is a seamless journey designed to deliver optimal results for your hemp crop. Here’s a brief overview of the three essential steps:



In an open conversation, we discuss your drying or retting need. We will advise you on the best installation for your situation. 

Design and Work

From this point we will bring your installation from imagination, to technical design, to reality. The installation will be installed on site and is ready for use.

Complete & Maintenance

We will help you get familiar with your new installation and explain proper use and maintenance. Troubleshooting can be generally easily be performed remotely.

Empower Your Harvest

Unlock the Potential of Premium Hemp with Our Expert Drying Techniques! Get Exclusive Access to the Ultimate Guide on Hemp Drying Methods.

Efficient Hemp Drying

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