Container Installation

Drying and Retting

Container Installation

During or after harvest the containers for the container installation can easily be filled by opening the roof. Once the container is full, the retting- and or drying process can take place. In a controlled environment, with the variables being controlled by our ABC-software. Ensuring the most effective humidity, temperature and airflow during each stage of the process.  


Controlled environment


Open or closed circulation


Dynamic energy use for durability


Controlled drying process


Controlled stalk retting process


Minimal expense of energy

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A large volume solution for retting and drying industrial hemp stalks. This completely controlled environment with the possibility for air recirculation prepares every part of the hemp plant energy efficiently, precisely and delicately. Under control of the ABC-software.

The Drying & Retting Container 

As a stand-alone unit or connected with other containers the bulk container provides an energy-efficient and practical solution for drying hemp products and retting the hemp stalk in bulk. Each container has a capicity of 35m3 of bulk material.


Complete Control

Complete control over the environment with open or closed air circulation

Bulk Storage

Capacity of up to 35 m3 of bulk material

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The Conditioned Container

A 40 feet container provides a large drying capacity within an enclosed environment which can be
placed at a location at your convenience. The boxes are made from water-resistent plywood and
can be open for bulk drying or divided with drawers. This provides up to 24m2 drying capacity.

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Working Process

Our hemp drying process is a seamless journey designed to deliver optimal results for your hemp crop. Here’s a brief overview of the three essential steps:



In an open conversation, we discuss your drying or retting need. We will advise you on the best installation for your situation. 

Design and Work

From this point we will bring your installation from imagination, to technical design, to reality. The installation will be installed on site and is ready for use.

Complete & Maintenance

We will help you get familiar with your new installation and explain proper use and maintenance. 

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